Bygone Britain - Nationalised Transport

Sunday 10th June 2018, Winchester Discovery Centre, Hampshire.

The Friends of King Alfred Buses present a special screening of rare archive films introduced live by film archivist Rob Foxon.

Seventy years ago much transport in Britain was taken into public ownership and to mark this anniversary we focus on the British Transport Commission and nationalised transport. Road, rail, docks and inland waterways were all brought together, including in Winchester both railway companies and the buses of Hants & Dorset and Wilts & Dorset. King Alfred buses however remained firmly independent until 1973 when they passed to the state’s Hants & Dorset.

This new programme of genuine archive films explores the aspirations of a nationalised transport system, carrying the people and goods of a nation with all the confidence and assurance that only an integrated transport system can provide! There is nothing digital about this event!

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